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We not only Buy better, but we Sell better. Some of our members choose to access an even broader range of services on offer and utilise the Camera House brand. There are a couple of conditions and compliance elements as there are with any National brand but ultimately the numerous advantages offered in accessing National Marketing across all aspects of the retail spectrum are enormous. From store fitouts and external signage through to catalogues and print media, Digital aspects including social and a national website, and even covering instore digital signage. We support our Camera House members with additional deals to spice up the pot and with the additional Finance advantages of being a Shareholder ( and dividends ) and Operational and IT efficiencies using a consolidated Point of Sale Solution, it’s a no brainer. Come and join the Camera House Family.

A world of possibilities exist to optimise your business!

Utilise our consultative approach to help you across every facet of your business!

We offer a broad range of additional support to our members across a spectrum of support services including email and digital marketing, social media management and even into business succession planning and finance and insurance. We access the NARTA ( National Association of Retail Traders ) buying advantages to bring the best offers on “not for resale” products and services, from packaging and consumables to power supply.


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If you buy or sell photographic equipment and are keen on exploring how the collaborative power of the group can assist you to leverage efficiencies via the power of the biggest Camera Retailer in Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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