We manage our products as if we made them ourselves. We get why your customers would buy them. And we understand why our members want them. We vigilantly monitor market trends and understand the vagaries of the market and the trends. We stock accordingly and guide our members in their stock holding and product mix to optimise their profits – Every day. Our team of experts are so proud of this ability we even put our money on the line and distribute the ProMaster brand exclusively to our partners.

Your very own in house Product Experts!

Reap the advantages of having an in house product team – without the expense!

If you buy or sell photographic equipment and are keen on exploring how the collaborative power of the group can assist you to manage inventory more effectively via the power of the biggest Camera Retailer in Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Distribution success with Raleru

If your brand is looking for a distribution partner in Australia. Reach out to Raleru. The largest share of the specialty photographic market is in our grasp.
We own Camera House, the largest footprint of camera stores in Australia and have key relationships with our Alliance and Warehouse customers.
Read the Case Study on our success with the Promaster brand to learn more. 
Promaster Case Study